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Mystery Boxes

Explore the mystery of shopping at Rho & Nya with our mystery box program. You will be pleasantly surprised and amazed when you receive your package! Products are offered here at discounted prices to give our mystery box shoppers the opportunity of trying our products without paying the full price!


  • Mystery Box #1 contains 2 items
  • Mystery Box #2 contains 3 items
  • Mystery Box #3 contains 4 items
  • Mystery Box #4 contains 5 items


  • Pick your size, categories, quantity, add to cart, specify color via the message space provided under "Special Instruction For Seller", and place your order. Please note that the color you specify may be partial or predominant. For example, if you specify “Red”, this may be a touch of red or predominantly red.
  • Our fashion stylist will select best combinations for you
  • You get one-of-a-kind unique Rho & Nya pieces


Discover the thrill of a surprise with our authentic Rho & Nya Afro-Western Clothing brand Mystery Box! Our mystery box selection is one of our best sellers. The mystery boxes are filled with carefully selected Rho & Nya’s authentic African clothing styles and accessories. You select your size, category, quantity, include a message regarding your color you preference, and our experts will carefully curate an exciting selection of Rho & Nya’s Afro-Western items that are perfect for any style and occasion. Each box is full of surprises that will have you guessing what's inside until you open it up. Our mystery box idea is perfect to try out the service of a professional stylist without paying for the service.

How to  order:

  • Click on "Mystery Boxes"
  • Choose a Mystery Box of your choice
  • Select your Size, Quantity, add to cart
  • Type in your color choice on the message box that says "Special Instructions to Seller"
  • Click the "Checkout" button and complete the payment process

We ship in 1-2 Business days, using USPS, UPS, or FedEx.