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Vacation In States With African American Population

If you're African and vacationing in the US, we’re here to help you feel like you are home away from home. One in every ten people is black in the US, with around 39 million of black population. Our series of articles will help you find places to eat, museums to visit to see interesting African arts and learn about African-American history, fun things to do while in the US, but most importantly find which States to spend your vacation in.


States With Greater Percentage Of African Migrants and Natives

Black migrants from various parts of the world migrate to settle in the US. The American South had the largest share of African-born migrants in 2019, where roughly one out of every five people settled in the Midwest or Northeast. Almost all of caribbean-born black immigrants live mostly in the NorthEast or the South. 

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In the Northeast, black population has grown at a rate of 41% since the last two decades. More black immigrants lived in New York and Florida than anywhere else in the country. New York has been the home to the largest black population ever since 2000. Texas, New Jersey, Maryland and Massachusetts are the top five states of residence. See data below.


Top 10 States of residence for US Black Immigrants



New York has been the home to the largest black population ever since 2000.


If you haven’t moved in yet, and want to move, Colorado is the fastest growing state for Black immigrants, with approximately 4x the growth in the last two decades. Washington, Nevada, Indiana, Ohio, Texas and Minnesota also saw around 2.5x growth since 2000. Arizona, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland and Massachusetts saw a 100% growth for black immigrants.

% Growth Of US Black Immigrant Population By State


You can plan your vacation or migration in the states accordingly. The numbers haven’t changed much since travel was banned during COVID-19 and there has been lesser movement and immigrations.



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