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Our Values

It is essential to have something to drive you, and your morals. Rho & Nya believes ethical business is the only way to survive. Here are three of the values that we run our business by:

  1. Honesty:
    We act in a transparent and trustworthy manner in order to retain our customers. This is not just the best policy but our core business practice and our employees follow it too. It is the best way to relate with others.
  1. Integrity:
    British writer C.S Lewis once said, “Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching” and we follow it. We are not just honest in what we do, it's our moral compass to be so. This must reflect in how we deal with all of our stakeholders.
  1. Customer Commitment:
    It’s important for us to stay true to what we promise our customers. We are also committed to offering our customers products and services they love, and if for any reason they aren’t happy with our products or services we would work with them to their satisfaction.